The Hammer of God, Part I. the Judaizers have Returned

January 12, 2011


The Maccabee means Hammer in Hebrew


The Hammer of God, Part I. The Future Judaizers of the Catholic Church

The Coming Age of Christian Hanukkah
One of the more important changes that are bound to take place in the Roman Catholic Church will be a new movement called the Order of the Maccabees, or the Order of the Hammer. One of their new traditions will include the Christian celebration of Hanukkah every year with families lighting the seven candle menorah and with Catholic Churches around the world eventually agreeing to also celebrate this so-called ‘Jewish’ holiday. The fact remains that, in the West, only the Roman Catholics include the Divinely-inspired Books of the Maccabees in their version of the Holy Bible. The official symbol of the Order of the Maccabees will, of course, be the seven-candled Menorah and the five Jewish Saints, Judas, Jonathan, John, Simon, and Eleazar will be studied and celebrated by all future Roman Catholics. Jewish tradition notes the following:

The LORD said unto Moses, ‘…During the existence of the
Temple you will sacrifice, but the lighting of the lamps shall
be for ever, and the blessing with which I have charged you
to bless the people shall also exist for ever. Through the
destruction of the Temple the sacrifices will be abolished,
but the lighting of the dedication of the Hasmoneans will
never cease.’

– Jewish Folk-lore

The Order of the Maccabees
This Order will require all males to be circumcised before the age of 18 and will offer 5-10 year, as well as life-long, sisterhoods and brotherhoods, which will basically be little more than short or long-term stints as a monk or a nun. Priests of the Order of the Maccabees will consist of three distinct degrees. The Bishops of Matthias will be completely shaven, including all their body hair, and will not be allowed to marry. The Priests of Judas will remain clean-shaven, except for long side-burns and can either marry or not. They will be held to strict sexual standards, which include no masturbation and no sex until marriage. The Priests of Simon, John, Jonathan, and Eleazar will either be completely bearded, goateed, or mustached, and already married. These specifics can be seen in the following manner:

Hierarchy of Maccabaeus: Hair Requirements, Marital Status
1) Bishops of Matthias: Totally shaven all over, Completely Celibate
2) Priests of Judas: Shaven with Side-burns, May Marry or Not
3) Priests of Simon, etc: Bearded, mustached, etc., Should be Married

Some critics scoff at the idea that circumcision will be the wave of the future among Christians and contend that, even if Christianity manages to survive the New Age, it would never actually practice the ‘barbaric’ customs of the Jews and the Muslims by ‘forcibly’ removing the foreskins of male penises. Instead, they expect Christianity to eventually become more Pagan as well as more accepting of sexual degenerate behavior, especially homosexual behavior among white males. The Roman Catholic Church, especially the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, tends to disagree with these blasphemous predictions. Instead, they are already preparing for a massive wave of iconoclastic, Christian Judaizers who will begin exhibiting supernatural abilities probably before the end of the 21st century. A major part of their religious campaigns will include the need for all good Christians to circumcise their male sons, regardless of the Apostles’ earlier agreement to allow Gentile converts to ignore this essential covenant law of Abraham. A new book of prophecy, written by a new God-fearing prophet, and included in the new section of the Holy Bible known as the Final Testament, may read something like this:

In the beginning, the heart of the Gentiles was made of
stone, but the words of the peaceful, gentle Christ Jesus
caused them to stumble and fall on their way to Mount
Olympus, where Satan sat upon his throne waiting to
rule over them forever. In time, the teachings of the
Nazarene, spread by His 12 Apostles and 73 Disciples,
took root among them. Soon enough, their hearts of stone
slowly became hearts of gold so that they might finally turn
away from the ancient mountain of wickedness and evil
and instead look towards Mount Zion for their salvation.
Now, as the 8th day of Creation has come upon both Jew
and Gentile, there will be only one law among them and
one law alone. Older than either Moses or Jesus, some would
say this law is the most important law of them all. It is the law
of the 8th day. Just as Abraham was commanded by the LORD
Himself, Rabbi Jesus now commands all men to circumcise
their sons so that the LORD may take away their greedy hearts
of gold and instead make them hearts of flesh and blood that
will love and serve Him forever. For in the beginning, the Gentiles
were stubborn of heart. Now that they are older and wiser, they
must move forward into the 8th day of Creation so that their hearts
will become stubborn no more.

– The Book of Jason, Final Testament, the Bible

The New Age of Judaized Christianity
One thing is certain. The Pagan Hellenizers of Christianity have lost to the Judaizers once again in many different ways. It is simply a matter of time before more and more Christians start to take the Old Testament seriously again and find that the Roman Catholic Church, which is little more than the Temple in exile, already has long-term plans to re-establish a civilization which is more obedient to all the laws of God. This includes the laws that only the Orthodox Jews seem to take seriously anymore. Messianic Judaism, along with a massive influx of Jewish influences into Christianity, is expected to create a unique and very Biblical society in the years to come. After that comes the thunder, and then the lightning, and then the knowledge that the third millennium, the New Age of Christianity, has only just begun.

May the LORD God bless you in the name of St. Judas Maccabaeus, the Hammer of God.


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