The Hammer of God, Part II. The Maccabee Laws of God

January 12, 2011

“Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?

– Jeremiah 23:29

The Hammer of God

The Maccabee stands for Hammer in Hebrew

Part II. The Maccabee Laws of God

The Maccabees Enforce the Laws of God
The tradition of the Maccabees within the Church, both in the West and in the East, has always been a tradition of what modern society would call law enforcement. Since the beginning of Christianity, they have actively promoted the rule of law, most especially the moral and ethical laws found in the Old Testament. Sometimes their law enforcement policies have been quite brutal. It is no coincidence that the word Maccabee is Hebrew for the word hammer, while the main text on witchcraft called Malleus Maleficarum is better known as ‘The Hammer of the Witches’.

Today, the Maccabees are playing a leading role in trying to heal the Schism between Eastern and Western Christianity. They are also a highly influential element of the Office of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, commonly known as the Inquisition.

The Maccabees & The United States Military
The five brothers of the Maccabees basically assisted in writing the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Read carefully, this code seems very Old Testament in its outlook. Literally all forms of sexual perversion are prohibited outright. Rape, adultery, sodomy, and fornication are not only grounds for demotion and possible dishonorable discharge, but can also result in criminal punishment, including prison time depending upon the severity of the offense. Even using vulgar language with sexual connotations is considered punishable. The U.S. Code of Military Justice carries some of the harshest penalties for sex crimes in the known world. A partial list of these sex offenses and their penalties are as follows:

Criminal Sex Act (USCMJ): Criminal Sentence (USCMJ)
Rape and Rape of a Child: Death Penalty/Life Imprisonment
Aggravated Sexual Assault: 30 Years Imprisonment
Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child: 20 Years Imprisonment
Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child: 20 Years Imprisonment
Aggravated Sexual Contact: 20 Years Imprisonment
Aggravated Sexual Contact with a Child: 20 Years Imprisonment
Abusive Sexual Contact with a Child: 15 Years Imprisonment
Indecent Liberty with a Child: 15 Years Imprisonment
Abusive Sexual Contact: 7 Years Imprisonment
Indecent Act: 5 Years Imprisonment
Forcible Pandering: 5 Years Imprisonment
Wrongful Sexual Contact: 1 Year Imprisonment
Indecent Exposure: 1 Year Imprisonment

Far more than anyone else, it has been the Maccabees, especially St. Judas Maccabeus, that have insisted upon keeping the unique tradition of an ‘officer and a gentleman’ alive and well within the United States Military. Unfortunately, this tradition has broken down in recent years and many potential problems have simply been ignored. In the past, religious Chaplains actively serving in the military were required to be ordained Roman Catholic Priests, Jewish Rabbis or Protestant Ministers. In other words, the U.S. Military only provided religious services for Jews and Christians and no one else. These days, those who practice witchcraft and even outright Pagans have also gained the ‘right’ to have their own respective denominations represented among U.S. Military Chaplains. It is only a matter of time before avowed Satanists also assert their ‘rights.’ Imagine that, a Satanic Priest serving as a chaplain in tomorrow’s military and being paid a salary using tax-payer dollars! By any standard, the Maccabees would consider this an outrage.

The United States army has recognized white witchcraft as a
religion and has appointed chaplains to oversee pagan ceremonies
on at least five bases. A Pentagon spokesman said yesterday that
there were believed to be at least 100 witches attending covens at
Fort Hood, Texas, the army’s largest base with more than 42,000
troops. So respectful has the army become of the pagan rites that
security was increased at Fort Hood’s Boy Scout camp, where
covens are held. The move is to deter members of Christian groups
from intimidating the group. The pagans, called Wiccans, are
accorded the same privileges as practitioners of Christianity,
Judaism andIslam. They are encouraged to have their religious
preference stamped on the metal dog-tags each soldier wears.

– Ben Fenton

What is even more outrageous is the sexual misconduct that has become rampant in today’s United States Military. Because of the unisexual, co-ed practices that are now prevalent, fornication and even adultery have become commonplace, even in places such as Iraq, an active war-zone. Allowing men and women to mingle freely may have helped the case for women’s equality, but it has also caused an almost complete break-down in the sexual morality of U.S. troops, especially among the enlisted. Even the top military academies have not escaped unscathed. There have been numerous reports of lecherous male cadets dropping their pants in front of female cadets in full anticipation of receiving oral sex. Apparently, this was what was expected of them! Grown males, with some of the highest educational achievements in the nation, were exposing themselves to female Naval, Air Force, Army and Marine cadets, with similar academic credentials, as a standard hazing practice.

They covered…the mark of their circumcision and abandoned
the holy covenant; they allied themselves with the Gentiles and
sold themselves to wrongdoing.

– I Maccabees 1:15

This is a far cry from the U.S. Military traditions of yesteryear in which well-dressed, unmarried young men and women would attend dances, balls, and celebrations in their finest attire and would dance and sing eloquently to the approval of the older married men and women with families. It is to be hoped that the age-old tradition of an ‘officer and a gentleman’ that originates from the devout, chaste behavior of numerous Israelite warriors throughout history will someday return.

The Five Brothers of the Maccabees & Their Legacy
More than two thousand years ago, the victorious Maccabees and their followers lit a candle that miraculously lasted for eight days before burning out. That candle continues to survive within the Roman Catholic Church and within Orthodox Judaism. To a lesser extent, it also resides in the modern Evangelical Protestant Church and still flickers within the United States Military. It can be seen in nature itself as when crows, pigeons and other birds will forcibly bob their heads and peck at the ground as if they were living hammers pounding on the dirt, or concrete, in tribute and remembrance of St. Judas Maccabeus, the hammer, and his brothers. Many traditional religious believers will insist that this is no mere coincidence. The actual names of the five brothers of the Maccabees, the sons of Matthias, are as follows:

St. John Gaddi- John, the Treasure
St. Simon Thassi- Simon, the Zealous Guide
St. Judas Maccabeus- Judas, the Hammer
St. Eleazar Avaran- Eleazar, the Piercer
St. Jonathan Apphus- Jonathan, the Wary

As mentioned previously, these five brothers were, in fact, the very first Saints of the Christian Church before it split into different sects. Even though they were never Christian in their own life-times, they were instrumental in organizing and carrying out the rebellion and subsequent war against the pagan Greco-Roman gods of old. They willingly followed Rabbi Jesus and His rebellion against Zeus and Apollo after His death on the cross when ‘He descended into Hell.’ Wikipedia states the following:

The Roman Catholic Church regarded the Holy Maccabees as
martyrs in their Calendar of Saints, although this feast was
suppressed in 1969. The Eastern Orthodox Church continues to
celebrate the Holy Maccabean Martyrs on August 1, the first
day of the Dormition Fast.

As Christian Saints they are considered by the Church to reside in the Kingdom of Heaven. Their status among the Jews remains less clear, but even the non-Christian Jerusalem Talmud states on numerous occasions, ‘Blessed be the Angels and the Saints.’ Because of the sharp influx of Gentiles into the early Church, there was a slight hesitation among some early Christians in accepting mere Jews equally with the true Saints of the Church such as the Apostles. In the end, these God-fearing Gentiles had no problem in accepting the Jewish Saints known as the Maccabees as part of the overall Canon. Arnaldo Momigliano writes, ‘The Fathers of the Church persuaded their flock…that the seven “Maccabean” brothers deserved to be treated as Christian saints.’

May the LORD God bless you in the name of St. Judas Maccabaeus, the Hammer of God.


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