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The Maccabee – Origins of the Word ‘Maccabee’

September 26, 2011

‘Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, ‘and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?’

– Jeremiah 23:29

The word Maccabee means Hammer in the Hebrew Language.

Origins of the Word ‘Maccabee’

(Hoi Makkabaioi in Greek, Machabei in Latin, most probably from Aramaic word Maqqaba =“hammer”)

The name Machabee (Maccabee) was originally the surname of Judas, the third son of Mathathias, but was later extended to all the descendants of Mathathias, and even to all who took part in the rebellion. It is also given to the martyrs mentioned in II Maccabees 7, 18:8. Of the various explanations of the word the one given above is the most probable. Machabee would accordingly mean “hammerer” or “hammer-like”, and would have been given to Judas because of his valour in combating the enemies of Israel.

The Catholic Encyclopedia (1910)

Origins of the word Maccabee


As just mentioned above, the word ‘Maccabee’ most likely originated with the third son of the initial Maccabee rebel leader and Temple priest known as Mattathias the Hasmonen. The most convincing legends and ancient sources clearly indicate that young Judas, the son of Mattathias, who was also considered a Hasmonean, became nicknamed Maccabee or Maccabaeus due to his superior military skills and personal combat ferocity. It seems quite probable that those Jews who fought beside him quickly noticed the way he would, quite literally, hammer the enemy into submission and eventual retreat.

It could also be possible that, because of the extensive collection of Pagan Greek statues and idolatrous shrines that had sprouted up throughout Judea and the surrounding area, Judas may have also been dubbed the ‘Hammer’ due to his propensity to smash any idol or statue which he encountered into as many pieces as possible. It is most likely that he would order any troops under his command to do the same. Not only that, the Books of the Maccabees clearly state that Judas and his fellow Maccabees immediately put a stop to the abominable Pagan sacrifices of swine and forcibly circumcised all the males residing in Judea in accordance to the ancient Laws of God.

Either way, Judas, the son of Mattathias the Hasmonean, quickly became the scourge of the Greek Empire and, in time, a world-renowned Jewish hero and military genius commonly known to everyone as Judas Maccabaeus, the Hammer of the LORD.

May the LORD God bless you in the name of St. Judas Maccabaeus.


International Translations of the Word ‘Maccabee(s)’

October 15, 2010

fマカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ- fマカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ


Translations of the Word ‘Maccabee’

Eastern Europe
Маккавей: Belarusian
Machabeusza: Polish
Маккавей: Russian
маццабее: Serbian
Маккавей: Ukrainian
Makabejská: Czech

Western Europe
Maccabee: Standard English
Macabeo: Spanish
Macabeu: Catalan
Makkabäer: German
Maccabeo: Italian

体中文版: Simple Chinese
繁體中文版: Traditional Chinese
Makabe: Indonesian
Kedua Makabe: Malay

Middle East
Maqqaba: Aramaic
Makebet: Modern Hebrew
المكابيّ: Arabic
يهوداي مكابي: Farsi
מכבי: Hebrew
מאַקאַבי: Yiddish

المكابيّ – マカバイ- מכבי – 繁體中文版 – المكابيّ – マカバイ- מכבי – 繁體中文版 – المكابيّ –

The Word ‘Maccabees’ in Different Languages

In Western European Languages
Makkabæerbog: Danish
Maccabees: English
Makkabilaiskirja: Finnish
Maccabées: French
Macabeu: Galician
Makkabäer: German
Makkabeeën: Afrikaans
Macabeus: Catalan
Maccabei: Italian
Macabeu: Portuguese
Macabeos: Spanish
Makkabeeën: Dutch
όακκαβαίοι: Greek
oakkavaioi: Greek (Latin)

In Eastern European Languages
Knyga Machabejska: Lithuanian
Makkabeusok: Hungarian
Knjiga o Makabejcima: Croatian
Makabejská: Czech
Makkabeerbok: Norwegian
Macabei: Romanian
Макабејаца: Serbian
Makabejská: Slovak
Маккавей: Ukrainian
Маккавеи: Russian
Makkavei: Russki
Makkabeusok: Hungarian

In Middle Eastern Languages
مكابيين: Arabic
خانواده میهن پرستان مکابی یهود: Persian
המכבים: Hebrew
מאַקקאַבעעס: Yiddish

In Asian Languages

加比: Chinese Simplified
馬加比: Chinese Traditional
Makabe: Indonesian
マカバイ: Japanese
Kedua Makabe: Malay
加比家族: Chinese Simplified
馬加比家族: Chinese Traditional
Makkabeusok: Magyar

In Rare Languages
Mathagaccathagabathagees: Athag
Magaccagabagees: Double Dutch
Makabeoj: Esperanto
//./\((/\|3&&5: Leet
Mopaccopabopees: Oppish
Accabeesmay: Pig Latin
Makkabeuso: Terran B
Mubaccubabubees: Ubbi Dubbi

In Other Languages

4D 61 63 63 61 62 65 65 73: Hexadecimal
—    .-    -.-.    -.-.    .-    -…    .    .    … : Morse Code
01001101 01100001 01100011 01100011 01100001 01100010 01100101 01100101 01110011: Binary Code
HTML CodeM a c c a b e e &#115: HTML Code
004D 0061 0063 0063 0061 0062 0065 0065 0073: ISO 10646
476769696768717185: Encryption (substitution cypher)

fマカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ- fマカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ- مكابيين – 馬加比 – המכבים – マカバイ-
Makkabæerbog – Machabeusza – המכבים – Maqqaba – Makkabeeën – マカバイ-  Macabeu – Маккавей – مكابيين – Maccabées – Макабејаца  – 馬加比 – Macabeos – Makkabilaiskirja – מאַקקאַבעעס – маццабее – Makabejská – خانواده میهن پرستان مکابی یهود – Mακκαβαίοι – Maccabei – Makkabäer

Makebet – 体中文版 – Makkavei   – 繁體中文版 – Makabejská – المكابيّ – Маккавей – Makkabeeën – يهوداي مكابي – Makkabäer – מכבי – Machabeusza – маццабее – マカバイ戦争 – Macabeo –  Mακκαβαίοι – Makkabeusok – מַכַּבִּי – Makkabeusok – Маккавей –

المكابيّ – マカバイ- מכבי – 繁體中文版 – المكابيّ – マカバイ- מכבי – 繁體中文版 – المكابيّ – マカバイ- מכבי – 繁體中文版 – المكابيّ – マカバイ- מכבי – 繁體中文版 – المكابيّ – マカバイ

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