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The Hebrew Gods, Baal and Then

August 4, 2010

Adonai, the LORD God of Israel

NOTE: ‘The LORD our God’ is a set of articles about the God of Israel, the God of the Hebrews. This is the third article of ‘The LORD our God’ Series entitled: ‘The Hebrew Gods, Baal and Then

Many scholars are aware that Baal, later known as Baal-Molech, was considered the King of the Canaanite gods, but almost always forget about the LORD God YHVH, the shepherd god of the Hebrews. Who was his father? The Roman god Zeus, father of Apollo? The Viking god Odin, father of Thor? The Egyptian God Osiris, father of Horus? The answer to all these questions is no, they were not. Logically speaking, it would be safe to assume that El, or Elohim, the Father god who dwelt in the highest heavens and was considered the creator of both man and nature, had at least two different sons, namely Baal and Adonai (the LORD). Scholars may still disagree, but several of them will claim that both Baal, the golden bull god, and Adonai (the LORD), the dark, mysterious thunder god of Hebrew shepherds, were, in fact, two brothers with El being their mutual father. This makes sense Biblically as well.

All the people broke off the golden earrings which were in
their ears, and brought them unto Aaron. And he received them
at their hand, and fashioned [them all] with a engraving tool, after
he had made it a molten calf [of pure gold]: and they said, ‘These
be our gods, O Israel, which brought you up out of the land of Egypt.’

– Exodus 32:3-4

While there are many competing legends concerning the Canaanite pantheon of gods, it should be clear to most researchers that El, the father sky-god of justice and mercy did have horns, but also the face of a man. Thus, it is only natural to assume that his sons Baal and YHVH also had horns, with one of them having the horns of a bull (Baal) and the other having the horns of a male sheep, a ram or a goat (Adonai).

In many ways, El’s oldest son Baal can be seen as the archetype for Adam’s first-born son Cain, whose grain offering did not please God (El, their father). At the same time, Abel, who symbolizes the LORD God YHVH, sacrifices a lamb, which is a far more expensive offering. This does please God the Father (El) and ends up making the oldest son Cain (Baal) very angry, perhaps even a little jealous of his younger sibling. The effect of this original rivalry between these two completely different sons of God has echoed throughout Biblical history. Some of these echoes include the following:

The Two Sons of El = Baal + YHVH
The two sons of Adam = Cain + Abel
The two sons of Isaac = Esau + Jacob (Israel)
The sons of Israel = Joseph’s 11 brothers + Joseph
The two Israelites = Aaron + Moses
The two Warrior-kings = Goliath + David
The two Kingdoms = Israel + Judea

Both directly and indirectly, the Bible can be seen as a slow, but steady triumph of the LORD God YHVH over His stubborn, Pagan, polytheistic, orgiastic, arrogant, older brother Baal. Indeed, near the end of Baal’s rule over humanity, their mutual father El may, in fact, have exiled him to Egypt, where their gods undoubtedly chopped off Baal’s stupid feces-head and replaced it with the head of a bull. Nothing else explains the fact that Sodom and Gomorrah worshipped a god named Baal-Moloch, whose body was like that of a man’s, but whose head was like that of a bull’s.

Sons of God & Adam: Baal & Cain, YHVH & Abel
Biblical Offering: Grain (no Bull), Lamb
First Actual Offering: Non-circumcision, Circumcision
Abraham’s Offering: Isaac (human sacrifice), Goat (animal sacrifice)
Egyptian Offering: Every male Hebrew, First-born of Egypt
Mt. Sinai Offering: Feast & Orgy, Ten Commandments

Baal’s actual, physical existence also helps to clarify the legend of the Minotaur, a creature with the exact same attributes, who helped to found Greco-Roman civilization on the island of Crete. One could surmise that, after suffering for many years at the hands of the Egyptians, Baal-Moloch the Minotaur set sail for the tiny island of Crete, where he began a successful, new cult among the ignorant inhabitants who resided there. This cult later blossomed into what historians call the Greco-Roman Empire, where Baal-Moloch later became known as Mithras.

Do not befriend an evil man and no evil will overtake you.

– The Babylonian Talmud, Genesis Rabba 22

Some believe that, in order to save His people from this new threat that originated from His evil brother Baal, YHVH Himself came down from Heaven and was born a living Jew named Jesus Christ. Others will contend that YHVH, after having gained the throne of His father El much earlier, had a child of His own who was later to be known as the only Son of God, a ‘LORD of LORDs and KING of KINGs.’ This tradition of the Father giving up the throne of God to the most worthy of sons, rather than to the eldest who may have been deemed unfit to rule, is a key component of the Biblical tradition. As it states in Scriptures:

To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on
my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father
on His throne.

– Revelation 3:21

So, while some misinformed Christians may continue to claim that the Jews worshipped the Devil and still do, others will counter that the Holy Bible is definitive proof that there is a God, His name was El, who was succeeded by his younger son YHVH, the LORD God (Abel), who then handed the kingdom of both Heaven and Earth on to the grandson Rabbi Jesus, the Archangel Lucifer. Both El (God) and YHVH (LORD God) may well have had horns, but Jesus, being born a man, did not. This was due to His miraculous birth to a virgin Jewess named Mary, thus causing the confusion among many Christians even today. Some of these understandings include the following:

The Two Sons of El: YHVH, Baal
The Two Official Names: The LORD God of Israel, The Minotaur of Crete
The Two Hebrew Names: Adonai, Baal Moloch
The Two Sons of Adam: Abel, Cain
The Two Sacrifices: Animal Sacrifice, Human Sacrifice
The Two Sexualities: Heterosexual, Sexual Perversion
The Two Inclinations: Yetzer Ha-Tov (Good), Yetzer Ha-Ra (Evil)

May the LORD God bless you in the name of St. Judas Maccabaeus.

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